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Newest Saiunkoku cover.

This is probably Ryuuki, Yuushun, and Ou Ki.
Finally Yuushun and Ou Ki have gotten on the cover; it is bizarre that characters so important to the story haven’t been more prominently featured yet.

Rough translation of text:
Thanks to Shuurei’s great efforts, the locust plague is moving towards being cleared up. However Ryuuki is being increasingly pushed towards a decision. Using the darkness of night, relying on the aid of his allies, he leaves the capital alone. In Ryuuki’s last battle, upon which he stakes his throne, Shuurei…..?

The novel official comes out on 7/1. The price listed is 580 yen, but since it is known to be much thicker than the last volume, I think it’ll be more.

It seems and some other bookstores are sending out the second-to-last book rather earlier than expected. I am not sure why this has happened, but anyway, as I find more spoilers, I’ll continue to update this post. Please keep in mind that I may have misinterpreted some of the posts, so please take the contents of this post with a grain of salt. [Text in brackets are my comments]

[So far, there are not too many spoilers. More will be added as I find them.]


On the cover are Shuurei, Ruka, Riou (Jr), and some other person (either Sakujun or Anju would be my guess).

From here

The final volume is known as 紫闇(しあん)の玉座 (Shian no Gyokuza; roughly, the Throne of Purple Darkness… hmm. Violet Darkness sounds better). It’s split into two parts. The first part comes out 6/1, and the second part 7/1. The price for the first volume is 580 yen.

The summary from the website is, roughly: As the king’s official, Shuurei rushes about, risking her life to deal with the locust plague. On the other hand, the king, Ryuuki, having entrusted all authority dealing with it to the Chancellor Ou Ki, remains silent. Ou Ki flies by horseback to Kou Province, which is about to be attacked by the locusts. What shall be the fate of Shuurei, and what of Ryuuki?

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